About Vintage Finds You

Vintage Finds You

Vintage Finds You is the result of my passion for all things vintage. If not wearing a fab vintage dress or driving my 1972 Beatle called Florie, I’ve always been searching for the next Find to add to my growing collection of vintage pieces.

I bring you a collection of individually sourced vintage clothes and accessories to add to your personal style and reflect your personality. When it comes to adding a touch of something special to your wardrobe, with vintage the possibilities are as endless as your own imagination.

I believe that vintage clothes and accessories are a wonderful way to express your own personal sense of style for any occasion. Creating your own sense of style is more about what inspires you rather than what is on trend or in fashion.

I have scoured cities to find the right vintage piece for you. Whether you’re searching for bespoke couture vintage pieces, or if you’re just dipping your toe in the vintage pool of gems for the first time, I’ve got you covered. I look forward to you browsing the collection and finding your special piece to fulfil your heart desire.



Vintage top tips from Vintage Finds You! from frockadvisor on Vimeo.

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