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20 November 2017
Time to Sparkle with EmmabyJane x Vintage Finds

 I met the fabulous Jane at a past pupil school event and was immediately taken with her passion for her brand EmmabyJane. After few meeting and mutual passion for style and elegance we planned a Pop Up Shop to bring you the very best from Vintage Finds You and EmmabyJane. Now is the Time to Sparkle with EmmabyJane x […]

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17 November 2017
Vintage Finds YouPop Up Shop

Vintage Finds YouPop Up Shop As the festive season kicks into action and your dance card fills up, its time to dazzle and shine with Vintage Finds You – an online store featuring a curated collection of the best individually sourced vintage pieces. Vintage Finds You is delighted to bring you their exclusive New York vintage collection, revealed for the […]

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19 September 2017
Vintage Era Style Guide 50s to 80s

Discover the secrets of times gone by with this Vintage Era Style Guide 50s to 80s Post war was a time of new hope with a sense of euphoria. Britain was flat broke after the war and the government promised to “make Britain great again”(sound familiar??). In Paris, Dior’s New Look became a symbol of […]

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