29 August 2016
Your Vintage Autumn/Winter Style Guide

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to, dare I say it, Autumn/Winter dressing. Time to start planning next season style and how to work it into our current wardrobe. For me, it’s all about observing the trends and coveting the Vintage version. The crazy for the 70’s inspired by ‘The Get […]

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02 August 2016
7 Vintage Pieces for Summer Dressing at the Office

  August has just arrived and we want to keep the summer vibe for as long as possible. Wether you are out and about with clients or preparing the 2017 budget, summer style in the office can be difficult to navigate. You want to avoid looking like you are heading to the beach, without ending […]

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05 July 2016
7 Secrets to your Vintage Summer Wardrobe.

7 Secrets to your Vintage Summer Wardrobe. Don’t loose the run of yourself and let your style take a dive in the summer. It’s imperative to keep up the elegance while have a little fun too, but never forget to maintain an air of sophistication. Think movie star chic form the 50’s and follow these […]

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