Get set for your Summer with a vintage twist

03 April 2019

Get set for your Summer with vintage twist

Are you still clinging to your winter coat? Its time to lighten your load and start turning your attention to your spring/summer wardrobe. Not ready to brave the elements yet? Well, I don’t blame you, but you need to find out what is coming down the tracks. Start ‘Vupstyling’ by adding essential vintage pieces to your wardrobe. Each season brings its own kaleidoscope of colours and fantastic prints and this year is no exception. So let’s take a look at what’s ‘in vogue’  and which past eras have influenced this seasons big trends.


This years shapes are strong and daring. Take your style cues from 40s tailoring, 60s sharp colours and the 80s sharper shoulders. Get ready to make a serious statement. It all about tailoring and super sharp silhouettes giving you a polished elegance for a confidence boosting look. 80s bright colours, shoulder pads and V shape with wide shoulders and slim skirt suits are in huge demand. The 80s look was influenced by the 40s era when women borrowed  the masculine styling for their work attire. Check out this vintage John Rocha suit it’s the perfect example of the preferred style for this upcoming season. Showing off your feminine shape to the max with the high waisted skirt and jacket with wider shoulders.


Blazers, another favourite of the 80s and 90s (think Princess Di) are worn over crisp shirts and if you can bear it, cycling shorts!  Borrowed from the boys as in the 20s and 40s, the return of the blazer fits in with the Tuxedo look which we never tire of. 

A nonchalant  alternative to a dress, wear with ruffles underneath or a silk lace top. I’m not a fan of seeing a persons sternum under your jacket, so please wear some sort of top underneath you tux jacket. Get a sleek silhouette from a tailored jacket which gives you an air of polished elegance and is confidence boosting for every situation. Vintage jackets are a simple way to channel this look with ease, especially the 80s oversized style.

If you prefer a dress the options are endless. From long and slim, perfectly places ruffles and striking colours and clashing prints, there is something for everyone. Vintage dresses with ruffles, roushing and pleats are essential this spring/summer. Totally feminine and fantastic for adding curves to slimmer frames and those with a curvier shapes will appreciate the pleating. One trick is to keep it simple, don’t overdo it, you don’t want to be mistaken for a lampshade. Print preoccupation continues with clashing prints seen everywhere. Shouty florals are not for the faint hearted. Wallflowers need not apply, go big or go home as seen on the D&G runway.

The 70s never fail to influence the collections, and this year is no exception. Big collars are quite the feature as seen in Victoria Beckham offerings. Patchwork is another 70s favourite and give a big nod the 70s peasant look so beloved from that era. Along with white dresses, the ultimate maxi dress is in every collection and a firm favourite of mine.

Not a fan of the dress, perhaps a boiler suit is more your speed. Influenced by the 40s land-girls who worked the farmland in the 2nd world war. A look which is a more masculine take on the 70s or 80s jumpsuits. Wear casual or glam it up by piling on the accessories, more is more to lessen the masculine look.

Speaking of accessories, they are a fail safe way to incorporate glamour to all of your ensembles. Vintage accessories are cost effective addition to try a new season style without too much commitment. This season you will need to invest in a silk vintage scarf. We are inspired by HRH Queen Elizabeth who loves a Hermes scarf tied under her chin when riding out. You can wear tied to your ladylike handbag or around your neck inside your blazer for a pop of colour.

Speaking of bags, the ‘Kelly’ is the inspiration. Used by Princess Grace to conceal the pregnancy in 1956 the ‘Kelly’ was born. If the real Hermes Kelly is beyond your budget, there are plenty of gorgeous alternatives. The current demand for animal print is not abating and vintage bags are the way to go if you’re not into wearing it head to toe.

My advice for incorperating the new seasons styles is to choose which colours, shapes you prefer and go for it. Wear your way and remember when you buying vintage, hesitation isn’t an option, look past the mannequin, if it makes you heart flutter and squeal with delight, get it and make it your own.


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