Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf
Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf
Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf
Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf

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Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf

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Stunning pink Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf.  Wearing this iconic scarf is an essential item for your wardrobe. This Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf has a theme of horses pulling a plough.    The print is clear on both sides of the scarf, and the edge is rolled correctly with the matching thread. Hermès was founded in 1837 as a harness and bridle shop in Paris. It took another hundred years before the company would design a scarf.The first print, called “Jeu des Omnibus et Dames blanches,” debuted in 1937. It was created from a woodblock engraving by Robert Dumas, a member of the extended Hermès family.

F de la Perriere is the name on this scarf, first designed for Hermès in '69. This scarf is in very good  condition. The label is missing, probably due to its age. Treat yourself to this piece of vintage luxury and wear with everything. If your not wearing it, tie it on (tightly) to your vintage bag.The scarf is unboxed.



Colour Pink and Beige
Condition Very good
Era 70's
Fabric Silk
Label 0
Origin France
Size 36 inch square