Size Guide

UK 476305822.7583.532.75
UK 678.53160.523.758633.75
UK 881326324.7588.534.75
UK 1086346826.7593.536.75
UK 1291367328.7598.538.75
UK 1496387830.75103.540.75
UK 16101408332.75108.542.75
UK 18108.54390.535.7511645.75
UK 2011645.59838.5123.548.5
UK 221224810441129.551

As you can imagine the size of vintage clothes is different to current sizing of clothes. The measurements were quite different 20 years ago not to mention 40 or 50 years ago. Most of the the clothes on the Vintage Finds You website are from different European countries and the U.S. So to make life a little easier for all I have used the UK measurement as the size guide for all clothes regardless of origin, as per the table below.

If your would like to know the exact measurement I’m happy to measure individual items, just send me an email at and I’ll email you straight back.

All accessories are in inches.