Step into Spring Summer 18 with your Vintage Style Guide

04 March 2018

Wether you’re a fan of the 80s or 50s lets Step into Spring Summer 18 with your Vintage Style Guide. I’ll take you through the key colours, patterns, and styles for Spring, Summer 2018 and look at the influences from the different vintage eras. The new season’s collection is so exciting, full of new options. I’m always fascinated to see what’s on offer from the different designers and which era has influenced them.

Colour Trend – 50s to 80s 

It seems so obvious for Spring Summer, but colour is a key feature. The choices are from both ends of the spectrum, pretty pastels to strong block colours. The strong block colours are worn head to toe or mixed to clash, no wallflowers here! This is reminiscent of the 80s, which has been a major influence for the designers for a few years now. Crayola colours (as referred to by the magazine editors) are what you should stock up on! The other end of the spectrum are the pastels shades. Think Neapolitan ice-cream and you’re on the right track. Perfect for the fair-haired and pale skinned. These delicate colours are going to look beautiful, reminiscent of the 20s and the 50s. Think Daisy Buchanan in Great Gatsby or Sandy in Grease (before she got into the leathers, obvs) and your set. Something for everyone for sure.


Patterns and fabrics

As Miranda Priestly says “Floras for Spring – Groundbreaking”. Our obsession with floras continues this year, no getting away from it. The addition of botanicals and tropical prints mixes it up a bit. These prints are reminiscent of the 60s and 70s flower power prints and are very striking. Plaids and checks are still making a big impact. So much so, Burberry reintroduced their check print from the 90s. If your brave enough, wear check print tights! Who remembers the Sock Shop in the 90 where all the socks and tights were crazy patterns, the more outlandish the better.

60s graphic prints are a key feature and plastic fantastic is everywhere from skirts, to macs. The plastics are see-through, think of your granny plastic rain hat, thats the look. You will be fully waterproofed, ready for the Spring showers. Sheer fabrics are still popular and are embellished with everything from feathers to fringes. Get the glitter and sequins on to up the glamour, an essential aspect of SS18. Polka dots and stripes are always a favourite for this time of year, so dig out your favourites and start to incorporate them into your look.

Perfect Shapes

The nostalgia for the 80s is still strong. The comeback of the original supermodels on the Versace catwalk said it all. The Pencil skirt is making a much hailed comeback, perfect for showing of those curves. Easy refinement is demonstrated by wearing your pencil skirt with a kitten heel. It time to ditch the obsession with expensive trainers and go ladylike. The bubble skirt is making an appearance too! Introduced originally by Balenciaga in the 50s and again in the late 80s, it can be fun and flattering. I was never a fan, but if you didn’t wear it the first time, why not give it a go!

Style/ Trends

If you’re not a fan of the glamorous or ladylike look, how about the cowgirl style? The cowgirl look has made a regular resurgence since the 1900s the 50s, and the 70s. Wear your long flower print skirt with your vintage cowgirl boots, and if your brave enough, some fringing to complete your look. Probably best to keep this look for the weekend or festival time. The 90s look is still as strong as last season. Wear a tee shirt or blouse under your long dress. Sheer dresses are seen everywhere and are not just the preserve of night time anymore. Wear you sheer and sequins during the day under jacket and remove for the evening.

Perfect Accessories

The easiest way to channel any new season stye is to start with accessories. You can try out a few options with earring and necklaces without breaking the banks. Earrings are a key feature and are bigger than ever, think Pat Butcher and go bigger!  Were talking serious chandeliers, 80s style. Bags are from one extreme to the other min to maxi, and wearing 2 bags a once is not out of the question. A clutch is s firm favourite for day or evening. If you want to get the most from you vintage clutch, add a long belt or a strap from an other bag and wear it cross body (your welcome). Pear necklaces are essential. Always a classic, and even better while piled on for maximum impact.

So now you have the top-line edits for the coming season, try and figure out which best suits your personality and style. Don’t forget to stick to a shape that flatters your body type and don’t feel pressured into buying something because it’s in fashion. Always stay true to yourself and wear what gives you confidence and make you feel amazing.

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