06 May 2017

Vintage Finds You is my Holy Grail for Vintage

‘Vintage Finds You is my Holy Grail for Vintage’ says Lorna Jennnings Managing Director, Dublin at Hanover Communications. She believes Vintage clothes are great for giving your clothes a bit of personality.

As busy executive Lorna knows that she needs making the work wardrobe that bit more interesting and memorable. “I love the idea of clothes having a story, that they were worn interesting places by interesting people from another era. I like to think I am one link in a chain of people who will wear and appreciate lovely clothes and craftsmanship’

 As a valued customer she Lorna says Vintage Finds You ‘is my holy grail for vintage’. Naomi has such an infectious enthusiasm (and encyclopaedic knowledge) for everything vintage, which always makes it so fun. She knows what suits you and has an amazing sense of style – it always gives me ideas for things to try!
Lorna Jennings
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08 February 2017

Vintage, Something different.

Vintage, Something different.

I am always looking for something a little different, it’s my designer instinct, but I have never ventured into vintage clothing before.

Vintage clothing I would think is better quality and styling than some modern clothing, and its always nice to have something quirky. My first and only experience of buying vintage was with Naomi, and she was fantastic. Naomi has an eye for design, knows how to style things up, and really knows what suits you as an individual. The clothing is not hugely expensive either. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Naomi, and I’m sold on the idea of vintage. I ended up with a Jean Muir dress that always gets positive comments when I wear it. Thank you Naomi

Barbara Monahan, MIDI, MICAD
Visual Branding Consultant with CUBE Design
25 September 2016

Sonya Lennon wears Vintage Finds You.

Sonya Lennon Wear her Vintage Finds You accessories, 60’s earrings and a gold belt as a necklace, ultimate style maven!

Sonya Lennon

Sonya Lennon

30 May 2016

I had always dreamed of wearing vintage for my wedding.

I had always dreamed of wearing vintage for my wedding.

I had always dreamed of wearing vintage for my wedding. I had my ermine fur cape, a present from my favourite Aunt, but where would I find the perfect dress?

‘Vintage Finds You‘ and Naomi, found it for me. It was the subtle lilac colour which first caught my eye and when I tried it on, I knew immediately it would be perfect for my special day. The style, the shape, the length and so easy to wear on the day. It was made for me and it was perfect with my little vintage ermine cape.

Naomi has some beautiful vintage clothes, so for your next special occasion, I would highly recommend ‘Vintage Finds You’ and have lots of fun choosing your unique outfit. I’ll be back!!

I’ll never forget the day Marie came to visit to look for  dress for an event she was going. So she said. I had pulled a few pieces for her, thinking of her dark hair, and beautiful figure. When she arrived and told me the ‘event’ was her wedding, I was dumbstruck. I didn’t have a clue and was so honoured that Marie had come to Vintage Finds You to look at dresses for her wedding. The pressure was on! After trying on a few dresses, she narrowed it down to two, then the one in the picture.

27 May 2016


“I didn’t even think about wearing a Vintage Dress for an upcoming family wedding, but when I saw this green lace dress I knew it would be perfect. Naomi encouraged  me to try it on and as she said, it was perfect. The family loved it and gave me the seal of approval, (husband and 4 sons!). Thanks Naomi, def going to Vintage Finds You for my next dress”

27 May 2016


“Naomi is finally putting her talents to good use by starting her own online vintage business – Vintage Finds You. I’ve been envious of her incredible imagination with how she dresses and how she always manages to look glamorous in a simple vintage dress. I guess I’ll have to buy from her now instead of borrowing everything! Her advice is always spot on and I always feel like I’m expressing my own personality in how I dress and that’s hard to in this day and age.”